My Top 3 iPhone Apps for Productivity

One of the biggest luxuries of our time is to have access to the internet at our fingertips. I can send invoices, connect with thousands of people, and request money straight from this small device. Convenience doesn’t always mean that we are productive though. In this post I’m sharing my top 5 iPhone apps for productivity.


Google Calendar 

I have a saying that “if it’s not on my calendar, it’s not happening”. My Google calendar is my own little personal assistant. It lets me know what I’m scheduled to do at any point of the day.¬† I share this calendar with my husband too, so that he knows what I’m up to in the HIGHLY likely case that I forget to tell him about it before hand. Anytime I am speaking with someone or figuring out what I can show up to, I check my Google calendar first. One of the great things about the behemoth that is Google is that most online scheduling tools integrate with Google calendar. In a simple click, I can add appointments to my calendar.

One of the most important part of my daily productivity is in my calendar for daily business operations I created with Iyanna Vaughn of The Lovely Financials.¬†During our session, Iyanna helped me find at least 4 more hours back in my day. Here’s a glimpse of that:


I’ve since then changed a few of these days and tasks, but the structure is still there. This helps so that I know that each week I know that I’m addressing all of my business needs so that I’m not overwhelmed with what I have to do in a single day, because I’ll get to it at some point later in the week. I also wake up each day knowing what I’m going to work on before I get started. That’s a productivity game-changer.



Trello, oh, Trello. What was I doing with my life before I committed my life (literally) to this app? I have everything from my content plans to my grocery lists on my Trello boards. I map out my client workflows, networking lists, courses, and so much more all within Trello. At the moment, I am not using it with a partner or team, but I have before and it’s been a seamless way to keep a dashboard of information so that a team can stay on track with a project or goal.

Here’s an example of one of my older Trello boards I had for my workflow for cold pitching prospective clients:

trello for lead management

The great thing about Trello is that you can add labels (the colored tabs you see) and assign a due date for follow up. Never lose track of a lead!


Google Voice

Google Voice is great for fielding client phone calls. I don’t ever answer my phone unless the contact is saved into my phone (AND I want to answer it, let’s be real). With Google Voice, I have a separate number that is linked to my personal number. When anyone calls using my Google Voice business number, my GV # pops on the screen to alert me that it’s someone who called the business number. Google Voice also allows you to send texts through that same number. And did I mention that it’s FREE?! Don’t waste time answering unknown calls that distract you from working. Get a Google Voice number that will field those calls (it asks the caller to state their name before you accept the call)!


I have way more than 3 apps on my phone that help me stay productive, but these are my top 3. What apps do you have that keep you focused, on track, and productive?

Author: Latoya Dixon Smith

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