How I Use Dubsado and Trello Boards for Client Photo Lists

Keeping track of client photo requests just got easier and two of my favorite tools are here to show you how.

Dubsado is a client relationship management tools that helps you manage your leads, client projects, and everything in between. It has been a game-changer for me in my wedding photography business. I love having an all-in-one tool for capturing leads, sending questionnaires, sending invoices, sending/signing contracts, and having a dashboard for other financial information. Plus, the Dubsado team is incredibly responsive to any questions and concerns.

Trello is another great tool to use for project management. I use it for everything from content mapping to our family grocery list.

In this video, I am showing you how I use both Dubsado and Trello for managing a client’s photo request list on the day of a shoot. I typically have my phone with me, so I can either pull up the mobile link to my Dubsado job board or open up the Trello app. I started this process in Trello, but am slowing moving over to have everything client-related be housed in Dubsado since the capability is there. If you want to see how this looks on the mobile version, check out my IGTV, episode 001.

The benefit to this method is to avoid having to carry around pen and paper, marking off different shots, and the convenience of an online tool that you and an assistant or second shooter can update together in real-time.

Let me know how helpful this is for you!


Author: Latoya Dixon Smith

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