3 Things You Need Before You Get a Website

In the early stages of starting my business, I ran into the trap of focusing more on the branding elements, like a website, a logo, and business cards, before I even really knew how I was going to run my business. While these things are very sexy and appealing to show your potential clients, they aren’t necessary at that stage of the game.

In the following YouTube video, I cover the three things you need before you get a website. What are those three things?

A Problem

A Solution

and An Offer

No matter if you’re a photographers, creative, or other type of business owner, these are the fundamental elements you need to know and develop some processes to address even before you spend hours or thousands of dollars investing in a website.

Grab the free “3 Things You Need Before You Get a Website” workbook here.

Author: Latoya Dixon Smith

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